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Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess

I was perusing the latest copy of The Spectator (29th September,

it arrives in Muscat a week late) and was fascinated to

see that it is the 50th Anniversary of A Clockwork Orange‘.

As a youngster, growing up in South Africa, I remember the

Stanley Kubrick 1972 movie was banned (as were most

things in the Apartheid Era).

When I did get to see the movie, as an adult,

the sheer brutality was disturbing and shocking!

I still think of Malcom McDowell‘s bowler hat,

false eyelash and malevolent stare!

Roger Lewis, in The Spectator, writes a great article

where he describes Burgess as “rollicking, he was

shameless and he was a self-invention”.

Anthony Burgess, the pen-name of a former Branbury

schoolteacher called John Wilson was “a nervous

chap who for a staff-pupil cricket match wore a

tweed jacket and bowled underarm.”

Lewis writes that “though Burgess claimed to live as a

tax exile in Monte Carlo, whenever I met

John Wilson he was staying in

Twickenham and drawing his old-age pension.

He had odd ideas about money.  

If a newspaper commissioned an article,

payment had to be made in cash,

the brown envelope left at the reception

desk of a hotel in Grosvenor Square.  If pressed,

he maintained that he mostly lived

in a Bedford Dormobile.  

His plan was to criss-cross national boundaries

to avoid residency restrictions for tax purposes.”

In its day the movie version was an outrage,

particularly the rape-scene .  .  .

nowadays turn on the TV and scenes like this are the norm!!


Intercontinental Hotel, Muscat

The Intercontinental Hotel offers six different restaurants.

It is close to Shatti Beach and several other good eateries and shopping malls.


The Al Ghazal Pub offers some of the best ‘Pub grub’,

my favourite being

the fish & chips and the club sandwich, both

are generous-sized portions.

The daily soup is a good

call for the smaller appetite,

this comes with a fresh baguette.

Free internet is available.

This pub also offers dancing nightly

with a very good residential band which

normally starts at 10pm.

A pint of beer goes for 3.100 rials which

is the going fare in Muscat central.

Wine is a much more expensive option and a

bottle can often result in a second mortgage!

(They do have a designated ‘happy hour’ which is worth looking out for!)


Over Christmas they excel themselves for tourists and expats alike.

At ‘Majlis el Shams’, the coffee shop, you can get a good cappuccino and

 french pastries.

I have also had good meals at

both ‘Tomato’ and ‘Trader Vics’.

There is a friendly newsagent where you can

pick up postcards, books and latest copies of  ‘The Spectator’ and ‘The Week’,

curios are also on offer.

I enjoy the interior decked out ‘Omani-style’.


This hotel is highly rated with tasteful rooms,

a large swimming pool, spa, gymnasium

and lovely gardens, it is also within

walking distance to the beach.

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