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Muttrah Souq – Corniche, Muscat


Whether you do the Muttrah Souk by day or by night,

it is still an incredible, pleasurable bombardment of the senses!

The rich, colourful fabrics, the heady smells, the tinkling of an

old Omani coffee seller, the beckoning of

fendors luring you into their shops, these

are all part and parcel of a truly Arabian experience!


The character of the Corniche is created by the old

forts dotted on the mountains embracing this little

harbour, which is a stop-off port for many luxury cruise-ships,

one or two old dhows and the Sultan’s private ship.

It is a pretty sight, the road is usually lined with colourful petunias

and the sidewalks landscaped.


On entering the Souq, the senses are overwhelmed with sights, sounds and smells.  This is the land of Frankincense!

There is astonishing detail to stone floors and stained glass ceiling windows.


 Bartering is the order of the day and you can pick up many bargains from

an antique Omani silver ring to a brass camel lock.

There are

hundreds of shops, be sure to take your mobile if you split up as

it branches off into a maze of ‘retail therapy’.

There is an impressive

‘Gold Souq’ boasting some fancy shops with marble

floors and stunning wares (a very ‘special wedding section’ can be found here.)


Some good buys have been camel-locks (5 rials)

little persian carpet coasters (1 rial) and pashimas of every colour

and quality.

At night the harbour takes on a magical quality to be savoured . . .

much like the land itself!



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6 thoughts on “Muttrah Souq – Corniche, Muscat

  1. You make it all sound very alluring. That view around the bay with the mountain backdrop looks heavenly (maybe minus the cruise ships)

  2. If I were there, I’d beg you to be my guide! The shops look fabulous, but I’m hopeless at bartering. I have no idea what a logical price would be!

  3. Some lovely times had shopping there. Loved taking your Mom there to experience it all and the friendship of the Shop Owners.

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