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How to become a reader. . .

1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You...

1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some tips on how to become a reader:

1.  Select six books that you would like to read but never got around to it

2. Preferably different genres (thriller, action, biography etc)

3. Throw in one or two compilations of short stories (these are short and accessible)

4. Get six different bookmarks, print out photos of loved ones or pictures you like (allows you to identify with the book)

5. Place these books in a neat pile next to your bed

6. Make sure you have adequate lighting for reading (a cheap clip-on spotlight does the job)

7. Retire to bed half an hour before sleeping

8. Pick up each of these books and read only one page of each to start

9. Chances are one out of the six will ‘grab’ you and you will want to read more

10. If any of the six are not appealing, replace it with something better

11. Keep a dictionary close at hand for unknown words – write these down

12. Over time, your daily bedtime ritual will become rewarding and you will become more discerning regarding your preferences

Note: we are all readers and if by chance you are not right now, you have just not found the RIGHT genre




BOOKS ABOUT BOOKS (Photo credit: jm3)

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